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01 December 2015

Decorating my room for Christmas

It's December! Yay! My favorite month of the year! Because 1) it's cold, 2) it's my birthday, and 3) it's Christmas. And let me tell you, I'm ready for all three of them! My Christmas decorations are out and this is what my room looks like now!

Let's start with the most important Christmas decoration: the Christmas tree!

I got this tiny Christmas tree from Ikea for 10€ and I'm in love with it!

Oh! And see this ornament?

It's actually lip gloss!

And do you recognize the other ornaments?

They're the mini version of the ones I used for my DIY Ornamental Heart! Speaking of which...

It's obviously in my room too!

And so is this little tree, that I bought for my little cousin. But they we realized she can't hang any ornaments in it, so I just kept it for myself. (I promise I didn't do that on purpose)

Another one is my Christmas favorites are candles. And could this candle holder be any cuter?

And I obviously need a Christmas scented candle!

And then there's this little buddy. He may have lost a paw, but he doesn't lose his Christmas spirit!

And I also have some snowflakes on my window. They actually look great but they're so hard to photograph because they're against the light.

Question of the Day

Did you decorate your place for Christmas?

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1 comment:

  1. Awee, this is so pretty and cute!
    I'm decorating my room for the holidays, too. <3
    ~ Sanjana


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