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22 November 2013

Dress your tech: Christmas backgrounds for your iPhone


I've been feeling pretty festive for the last few days and I decided to make some backgrounds for my phone. I made every background for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.
Últimamente me ha inundado el espíritu navideño así que decidí hacer unos fondos para mi móvil de Nadidad. Los he hecho para iPhone 4 y iPhone 5.

I hope you like them!
¡Espero que os gusten!

CREDITS: To make these backgrounds, I used different fonts that I downloaded from daFont.

03 November 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Today is exactly one month to my birthday so I wanted to share my wishlist with you.

  1. Thomas Sabo bracelet, with an ice-skate charm.
  2. Earmufs from Six, that are actually headphones. (Note: these aren't the actual ones, but I couldn't find those online and these were the most similar ones)
  3. Hat from Sfera (Note: there are three hats I want, but I could only find a photo of this one)
  4. Basic pearls bracelet.
  5. Sleek brush by 3 in lace.
  6. Ofelia blanket.

I really want all of these things so I'm going to buy them if I don't get them for my birthday.