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04 September 2016

Life Update

Hello! I know I have been a bit absent from the whole blogging world lately, but there is a reason for that... As usual, Univeristy came in the way and I decided to focus on my last exams and my dissertation. And it was all worth it because I'm a graduate now!

I know pausing everything just to focus on studying may seem a bit extreme, but I did not want to take any chances. I wanted to graduate so badly so I had to graduate, and it had to be this year, and I didn't mind at what cost. I hadn't passed all of my courses in one year since... the year I started University so this was pretty tough for me.

Also, because I did not want to take any chances and studied so much, I got the best grades I had even got! I didn't even know I was capable of achieving so much! Who would have known studying would lead to passing and getting good grades, huh?

The only downside is that I was so focused on studying that I forgot to order my graduation picture... oops! How can I be so scatterbrained?

Even though I am definitely not ready to be an actual adult, I cannot wait to discover what life after University is like! I've got my first job my first real job now. I started working full-time and that has been taking, well… all of my time. And on the weekends - the only two days where I can stay at home and do nothing - I've been traveling. In fact, I just realized I have been out of the country every other weekend, which is actually pretty crazy! 😱

Now that I'm getting used to this new life, I decided it was about time I sat in front of my computer and went back to blogging. I have the feeling this is not going to be an easy task, but blogging is definitely not something I'm willing to give up.

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  1. Congratulations! Being a graduate is the best!

    Let us know how the first year of work goes!



    1. Thanks a lot, Jabi! Being a graduate is indeed the best! FINALLY!

  2. Congrats on graduating and getting a new job!! :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

  3. Congratulations. All the best for future :) XOXO

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  4. Awww it sounds like you're enjoying life! That's always a good thing... After all we only live once :) Congrats! x


    1. Thanks a lot! I definitely cannot complain! I also definitely use the word 'definitely' too much haha xxx

  5. Hey! I saw your comment on my blog wanting to order that keychain and you said it makes you pay the shipping cost although it says it's free shipping worldwide at BornPretty so I want you to know that I'm going to ask them about this and do some research and then I'll get back to you!x

    1. Oh! That's so sweet of you! But you really needn't! I was just a bit disappointed cause I could already see myself with a keychain like yours and right when I was gonna pay... bang! shipping costs! hehe

  6. Congratulations, Be! That's so exciting and I'm very happy to hear that you reached so much. Welcome back to blogging world and I hope to see more of your posts soon :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  7. Congrats on graduating and your job :D

    Mel ★ www.meleaglestone.co.uk

  8. Hello Be! Please check your Instagram DM! :) XX

  9. Congratulations! I am sure you will have amazing time! Love, Iga http://igaberry.com

  10. Congrats Be !!!! Well done :) next month it will be my turn ! xx



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