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31 January 2016

DIY Animal Bowl

During my exam season my desk has looked like a battlefield, and now that it's over - even though I have tidied it - I've been obsessed with making it as tidy and organized as possible. I think this idea is really cute, really easy to make, and it will help a lot with that.

24 January 2016

Some 2016 printable calendars

I'm the kind of girls who needs a calendar on her desk and an agenda in her bag. I absolutely loved my 2015 calendar but now that the year is over, I needed a new one, so I decided to look for one I could print at home and save some money. I found some super adorable ones so I thought that maybe you'd like them too.

03 January 2016

My mom's tiramisu

For years and years and years my sister and I kept hearing from our family that our mom's tiramisu was the best they'd ever tried. And in all those years and years, guess who hadn't tried it once? Yes, that was us. So after some begging and begging she finally made us one. And I, as a good blogger, obviously photographed the whole process so I could share the recipe with you.