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30 September 2014

Travel Tuesdays: Living in Belgium #2 - Featuring Antwerp

My adventures in Belgium continue and I get more and more excited to share them with you every day. 

This is Leuven, the place where I'm studying.

28 September 2014

DIY Safety Pin Necklace

First of all, I want to thank Leire and Luz for inspiring this post. The other day, I was chilling out with some friends at one of their houses and one of them (Luz) was wearing this gorgeous necklace that I still can't believe she made herself. Another girl, Leire, suggested I wrote a blog post about it (yes, they found out about my blog) and I just cannot believe I didn't think of it! So thanks a lot to them.

26 September 2014

Room Tour

I absolutely love my new room and I wish I could have it in Spain, and I just couldn't not share it with you.

23 September 2014

Travel Tuesdays: First days in Belgium

Last September 11th (great day to fly, I know) I moved to Belgium, where I will be studying this year.

Even though I'm studying in Leuven, I also visited Brugge and Brussels (and Ghent, but I was exhausted that day and didn't take any photos. I will next time I visit it. Pinky promise) and I'm loving my stay here so I wanted to share it with you.

21 September 2014

DIY Entry organizer

Since I moved to Belgium I had a brand new room to decorate, so one of the things I did for my new room that I've been absolutely loving was this entry organizer.

19 September 2014

Life update #2 : Living in Belgium

Hello! It's me. Again. And guess what? I'm in Belgium! I'm so excited to be finally here! And, specially... I'm so excited to finally have internet access, which I didn't have when I arrived! Crazy, right?

Coming to Belgium has been so exciting, and scary, and nerve-wrecking, and even exhausting, but I think things are finally settling down and it was time I got back into my blogging routine.

I decided that I'm going to create Travel Tuesdays to share with you my experience here in Leuven, or, if I travel, I will show you what I visited. But I just couldn't wait until Tuesday to get back to blogging, so I'll show you a little sneak peak of Tuesday's post...