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23 November 2014

Christmas Playlist

One of the things I love about Christmas (although I actually like everything about it, to be honest) are Christmas songs. I even have a music playlist with only Christmas music, so I decided to share it with you.

16 November 2014

The Christmas Tag

I saw this tag in Milk Bubble Tea and I knew I had to do it! I love Christmas, and I love tags so... this was perfect! I'm so in the Christmas spirit already but nobody around me seems to be too, so I'm hoping this will also help to spread it a little bit! Feel free to tag yourself, and if you do, leave me the links in the comments!

09 November 2014

DIY Washi Tape Reindeer

For me, the moment Halloween is over, it's time to start getting crazy about Christmas! However, nobody here seems to think the same way, so I was trying to wait until Christmas is a bit closer, but... I'm sorry, I hate waiting. Today I was really craving a DIY so I decided to do this, which is slightly Christmassy, but not too much.

03 November 2014

22 before 22

Today is exactly one month to my birthday, so I wanted to make a birthday-related post. Today last year, I made a birthday wishlist, which I considered doing again this year, but the truth is... I actually have mostly everything I want, so the list would have like 3 items top (I'm a pretty lucky person, I know). So... I decided to think of 22 things I'd like to accomplish before turning 22. (I have 13 months for that).