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25 October 2015

My first pumpkin carving experience

Halloween is not very celebrated in my country, so carving a pumpkin, despite being something I have always wanted to do, is something I had never done. If you remember any of my 22 before 22 posts, it was on my list too. So last Thursday, my cousins and I decided to try to make one.

18 October 2015

My favorite instagram accounts

It is not a secret that I love Instagram. And even though I haven't been posting a lot of photos lately (I would love to, though!), I do actually do a lot of stalking and go through my feed every day. Instagram is all about photography, and photography is very important when it comes to blogging, so I find Instagram very inspiring.

11 October 2015

Reasons to love Fall

Fall and winter are definitely my favorite seasons. I keep seeing everyone posting very autumnal photos in Instagram, and it makes me very jealous because it's still pretty warm in Spain. And even though the leaves are finally starting to fall, and we're slowly being able to wear our plaid scarves in the morning, this is not my ideal Fall yet, and I cannot wait for the actual Fall to finally arrive.