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18 October 2015

My favorite instagram accounts

It is not a secret that I love Instagram. And even though I haven't been posting a lot of photos lately (I would love to, though!), I do actually do a lot of stalking and go through my feed every day. Instagram is all about photography, and photography is very important when it comes to blogging, so I find Instagram very inspiring.

I do follow a lot of very different accounts (and a lot of famous people, but I won't be talking about that in this post) so it was kind of hard choosing only a few. But these are the ones I enjoy the most!

The first three Instagrammers I chose, I love them because of the nice effect they adds to all of their photos. They all look super light and sweet and pink and I would just love for my blog's photos to look like that!


Visit here.


Visit here.


Visit here.


This instagram posts the most amazing photos of Madrid. It makes me fall in love with my city every single day!

Visit here.


This girl has an incredible voice! She really does remind me of a Disney princess. I could listen to her for hours!

I wanted to add a video of her singing to my post, but unfortunately, I couldn't find the way to do that. But you should really go check her account out!

Visit here.


Birkleigh is 6 years old and she does gymnastic and ... oh dear! That kid is amazing! I love watching videos of photos of dancers and skaters and other artistic sports, and Birkleigh blows my mind every single time!

Visit here.

Question of the Day

Which are your favorite instagram accounts?

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  1. Are you trying to get me more obsessed with Instagram than I already am?! Haha how can these people have such a flawless feed? They need to share their secrets ;)
    She Will Be

    1. Sorry!! They definitely have to! I want to know their secrets too!!!

  2. I've never come across any of these account before but they're all gorgeous! Will definitely be giving them a follow. Love these kind of posts, thanks for sharing! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

    1. I'm so glad you like them. I always feel like hypnotized by their feeds

  3. I don't follow any of these accounts but I'll make sure to check them out, they look good! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. They're not very popular, I think. (Well, @secretosdemadrid is in Madrid) but they're still my favorites!

  4. OMGGGG I love all these recommendations so so so much!! <3 xx

  5. Thank you for the recommendations! I will try checking them out.
    I write a travel blog on the template I purchased from you at etsy.

    Sadly I've lost most of the accent color from changing the header and removing the navigation.
    I really liked the muted pink, so I'm hoping I can incorporate it elsewhere.

    Overall, thanks for a great template!

    Tokyo 100 Views

  6. Oh my gosh, those first three are just beautiful! I don't follow any of them but definitely will! Oh, and I know what you mean by loving the Instagram of artistic people. There's just something about them!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com


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