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25 May 2015

DIY Post-its garland

Am I the only one who loves post-it notes (specially if they come in different colors) but has never ever finished an entire pack of them? Well, if anyone out there is like me, I have the perfect idea for what to do with them! This super cute and easy DIY garland made (almost) completely of post-it notes!

10 May 2015

20 facts about me

It's been almost 2 years since my first post: 20 facts about me. So today, 1055 days later, I decided to make some brand new 20 facts about me!

(I don't know why it says it was posted on May 8th, since as far as I'm concerned, I started blogging on June 19th, but oh well!)

03 May 2015

Fun times, busy times

This week was full of exciting activities (and, unfortunately, also some sweet and sour moments) but overall, it left some pretty amazing memories that I wanted to share with you!