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23 February 2015

Oh yes! I have a new domain!

This weekend, I was working on a new design for Emma of Peace.Love.Vintage and somehow, it encouraged me to do something I'd been thinking of doing for some time: I bought a domain for my blog!

22 February 2015

Prague and Budapest

My friends and I recently visited Prague and Budapest, and since you know I love sharing the photos from my trips with you, here are the ones from our latest trip...

02 February 2015

Good news, bad news, ice and snow

Stop rubbing your eyes. It is real. I'm posting again! I'm sorry I couldn't post anything any earlier. I had some problems with my computer, the holidays, exams... But... good news! I'm back!

I would love to be able to share nothing but good news with you but I'm afraid I have some "bad" news. My phone's camera broke. And I don't have any other camera here with me so the photos on my blog are going to be terrible from now on, and have some very annoying grey lines in the middle of them.

I'm actually been feeling a lot in a blogging mood lately. I'm going on a little trip on Wednesday, so I was going to wait to come back to write my "I'm back!" post about it, but... I couldn't wait any longer!