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29 November 2015

22 before 22 - final update

Guess what? The most important day of the year is approaching! That's right! It's my birthday next week! (December 3rd) Because that's what you all had in mind when I said "most important day of the year", isn't it? Yeah, that's what I thought! When I was going to turn 21 I made a list of 22 things I wanted to achieve before turning 22, which I named (my 22 before 22 ) so let's see how many of those things I actually did!

26 November 2015

DIY Ornamental Christmas heart

Now that Christmas is getting close, I decided it was time to start decorating my room for the occasion. And the first Christmas DIY of the season is a really exciting thing for me to do. So I'm very excited about this post!

22 November 2015

Season Wishlist

With Christmas coming up and, more important, my birthday, I'm constantly asked what I want. And even though what I want the most can be bought, there are a few things that can and that I would not mind owning 

19 November 2015

Christmas Moodboard

It's almost December, which means it's almost Christmas (Yaaay!) and I know some people think it's too early for Christmas but all the stores are decorated for Christmas, Starbuck's red cups are out, the first Christmas blog posts have come up in my bloglovin' feed and I've even spotted some Christmas trees! So I hope you're all already in a Christmas spirit because I know I am! And I don't want to wait anymore! But since some people may not be in the spirit YET, I've decided to put together some of my favorite Christmas photos from Pinterest (duh!) to help you!

15 November 2015

New York Diary - Pt III

Two weeks ago, my dad ran the NYC marathon and me and my family went on vacation there. I've been sharing my trip with you in my posts: New York Diary Pt I and Pt II. Today is time to see the last (and to be honest, the one with my favorite photos) part of it.

New York Diary - Pt II

As you may have read in my New York Diary - Pt I, ten days ago, my dad ran the NYC marathon and my family and I went on vacation there. I want to tell you all about it, but since it's too much for a single post, I'm doing it in three parts. And this is the second part of my trip to the city of my dreams.

08 November 2015

New York Diary - Pt I

Last week, my dad ran the NYC marathon so we made a family vacation out of it to my favorite place in the entire world! New York was more beautiful than I'd ever seen it. And I absolutely loved every minute of my trip. I have a lot of photos and I wish I could show you all, but that would be too many so I've selected my favorites instead. However, they're still too many so I'll be showing you in three parts.

01 November 2015

Glassesshop Eyeglasses Review

I, like a lot of people, have sight problems and need to use glasses. Some time ago, GlassesShop.com offered me to try one of their pairs and they were like a gift from heaven!