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22 November 2015

Season Wishlist

With Christmas coming up and, more important, my birthday, I'm constantly asked what I want. And even though what I want the most can be bought, there are a few things that can and that I would not mind owning 

I hope my wishlist will also help you think of things you could ask for for yourself, or gift your loved ones.

1. Christmas PJs. This is what I want the most. I've been wanting one for a while. I do not mind where it's from or what it looks like, as long as it's pretty and Christmassy and comfy... But I really want one.
2. Marble Macbook case. I've been waiting since summer for one of these, but there is always something else that I need to buy so hopefully someone will want to buy this for me.
3. Snowflake charm, Thomas Sabo Charm Club, 24€. This summer, I showed you my thomas sabo bracelet and mentioned how I wanted this charm. It would be really nice to have it for Christmas.
3. Invisibobble, 5€. I love these! I've tried other brands and always wanted to try the real one (since the ones I have keep breaking), but I feel like 5€ is a bit too much for a hair tie. Sorry. So I know this is something I would not buy for myself.
4. iPhone bumper, H&M, 4.99€. This is just super cute! My phone needs a Christmas makeover!
5. Pompom keychain, H&M, 3.99€. Again, this is something I have wanted for a while, but I don't want to spend my own money on... 
6. Longchamp backpack. I have a Longchamp handbag and it's amazing! The quality is incredibly so I want the backpack version. I have not decided in which color I want it to be honest. I like brown and navy a lot but I still haven't decided which one I want.
7. Christmas cupcake candle, Yankee Candles, $21.99. This has been my favorite candle since the day I first smelled it. So this will always be something I will be willing to receive.

One kind of post I've been loving this year is advent calendar posts. There have been two calendars in particular that I've fallen in love with and I would love to have - if only I could buy them in Spain.

And one thing I can't imagine December without is the classic chocolate advent calendar! I don't mind the brand, but if there's no chocolate advent calendar, Christmas is officially ruined for me.

Question of the Day

What would you like to find underneath the tree this year?

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  1. That pompom is too cute! I love your wishlist <3
    She Will Be

  2. I love each and every item on your list! I'm actually thinking of making my own pompom keychain soon!
    happy girly crafty

    1. You're making your own!? I really need to check that out!

  3. That phone case is freakin' adorable! It reminds me of those little deer antlers for a car, hehe.

    becky ♡ star violet

  4. These are some excellent picks!
    Since your birthday is close to Christmas does your family combine your birthday and Christmas presents? I always thought that'd be so crummy!

    A Northern Light


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