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08 November 2015

New York Diary - Pt I

Last week, my dad ran the NYC marathon so we made a family vacation out of it to my favorite place in the entire world! New York was more beautiful than I'd ever seen it. And I absolutely loved every minute of my trip. I have a lot of photos and I wish I could show you all, but that would be too many so I've selected my favorites instead. However, they're still too many so I'll be showing you in three parts.

Day 1 -  October 28th

When we arrived it was already pretty dark and it was raining cats and dogs so the only thing we could really do was go into every shop we saw to avoid getting wet.

My camera doesn't take very good night photos so I don't have a lot of photos from this day.

You know I love ice skating (if you didn't, you do now!), so we went take a look at the Rockefeller Center rink and saw Radio City on our way there.

Everyone told us we had to try Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes and cheesecakes so we made a little stop there on our way to the hotel.

This was my sister's red velvet cupcake (I ate part of it):

And this was my dad's pumpkin cheesecake (I also ate part of it):

Since we were not very hungry, we decided to share only a few treats instead of ordering something for each of us. Since I liked both of their picks, the deal was they could order what they wanted, I could try both of them, and we would go back another day so I could have a vanilla cheesecake, which was what I wanted. Guess who left new york without trying the vanilla cheesecake?

Day 2 - October 29th

The sun finally came out!

Our first stop was Times Square, where they were preparing a Pumpkin Patch (my first Pumpkin Patch! Yay!)

Okay, and this pumpkin.... how did they even do it!?

Now that there was daylight, we went back to the Rockefeller Center rink. But the ice was still wet from the previous day's rain.

You can see the water puddles in this photo.

Moving on, we visited St. Patrick's Cathedral...

... and the Atlas statue just in front of it.

 I couldn't stop laughing at this sign: "Don't even think of parking here".

And these are some adorable Halloween cookies:

The Chrysler Building.

New York Public Library.

And we had lunch at Bryant Park. And this is my new life motto: why hibernate when you can skate?

And then at night... we went to an NBA game!

We lost though. But I still had a great time chanting and cheering ... and eating nachos!

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  1. We share the love of skating, even though I don't get the chance to do it ofter here! :)
    Love your photos, I've been in NY some years ago... It's so different from Europe!
    I'm wishing you a lovely Sunday! <3


    1. Ice-skating is the best! It really is so different! Thank you!! <3 Have an amazing day you too!!

  2. I've never been to New York, but it looks like so much fun! I love all your photos you've captured---the halloween cookies were too cute~ I don't know how I would stop myself from buying them all heh heh <3
    She Will Be

    1. Oh I know how I did it: they were extremely expensive! ;) You're going to love New York when you visit it! It's impossible not to!

  3. I would love to visit New York but I've no idea when I could possibly afford it! It looks like you had an amazing time - I love the pumpkin patch! Shame you never got to try the vanilla cheesecake, perhaps all the more reason to make a return trip!?


    Issy xox

    1. Well, you never know! There are so many things I thought I'd never do and did... :)

  4. The pumpkin patch it so cute & New York look looks amazing.. definitely on my bucket list.


  5. Wow, the whole trip looks incredible!! I'd love to go there someday, I think I went when I was five but it was just to change planes xD does that count? adore your blog! xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | bloglovin follow for follow
    Follow for follow on instagram :D

    1. I don't think that really counts, sorry ;) Thank you so much! <3


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