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15 November 2015

New York Diary - Pt II

As you may have read in my New York Diary - Pt I, ten days ago, my dad ran the NYC marathon and my family and I went on vacation there. I want to tell you all about it, but since it's too much for a single post, I'm doing it in three parts. And this is the second part of my trip to the city of my dreams.

Day 3 - October 30th

We went back to the Rockefeller Center and the rink was finally good for ice-skating!

And here's some mini video I love!

In the afternoon, my sister and I were going to meet a friend of hers who happened to be in New York too. But after waiting and waiting and waiting for her she told us she couldn't make it. So we wasted half of our afternoon.

At night, it was time for another NYC classic: a Broadway musical! Wicked!

Una foto publicada por ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀🌸 Be 🌸 (@heyitsbe) el

Day 4 - October 31st

Halloween was a day full of amazing videos. In the morning, we went to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Since we had been to New York before and there were so many things we wanted to do, my family decided not to take the Staten Island Ferris so this is the best view I could get of the Statue of Liberty.

I promise I did not write this but I'll be back someday too!

Can you tell how happy I was to be there?

We saw the City Hall.

And we stopped by Wall Street.

We went to the 230 Fifth for their brunch and... woah! their views!

It sometimes fell as if I was in a Spanish beach...

... only with a way better view!

At night, since it was Halloween, we went to see the Halloween Parade. But it was too crowded so we couldn't really see much :(

Day 5 - November 1st

The main reason for this trip was so my dad could run the Marathon so on November 1st he ran and we moved all across New York trying to see him and cheer him!

These are some lovely houses in Brooklyn. So different to the ones you see in TV shows!

You go, marathoners!

The marathon took most of our day but we still had time to visit the lower part of Manhattan: Chinatown, Soho and Little Italy.

Since we forgot to touch the bull's .... testicles when we went to Wall Street we went back there and we also visited the 9/11 Memorial (but again, I have no photos because it was too dark)

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