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08 May 2016

Make the most of your library days

Exam season is about to start... again and with it come the long days at the library. Last year I became an expert on this, so I thought I should share some of the things I learnt.

01 May 2016

DIY Paper Butterflies

I'm obsessed with making my room look pretty. I'm always looking for new DIY decorations that I could add to it. Even though this is exclusively a decoration, I do think it looks great as one. These paper butterflies are so easy to make, and you need to little, and don't they look cute as Spring wall decor?

20 April 2016

Boomf Review

My Dad turned 50 this year so when I saw Boomf in my twitter one day, I thought it would be a great idea to get some boxes for him. And you know I don't usually post reviews, but I honestly thought this was such an unique idea and I wanted to share it with you!

17 April 2016

5 litte ways to cheer yourself up | by Georgia Nicolaou

Today's post is a Guest Post written by Georgia, from Georgia Nicolaou Blog. I think we both have very similar blogging styles, so when we started talking about her doing a possible guest post for my blog, I knew it was going to go great and let me tell you, I love her post! And I'm sure you will too! This has been in my list of posts ideas for a while so it's definitely something you would see on my blog. So I'm going to stop writing now and let you enjoy this lovely post that Georgia wrote for you 

13 April 2016

Payday wishlist

After applying and applying for internships this year, I finally got one (woop! woop!). I haven't even started working yet and I'm already thinking of all the things I want to buy when I get paid. I've been dreaming of owning these things for a while now and I just cannot wait any longer. I can almost feel them now.

10 April 2016

Carrot Cake Recipe

You may remember me constantly tweeting asking everyone for a carrot cake recipe. Unfortunately, the only response I got was "vegetables shouldn't go in cakes" (I hope you don't see me as a monster now, Sarah. I promise it doesn't taste like vegetables at all) so I had to ask my grandmother for our family recipe. That's right: our family recipe is now on the internet. There goes my heritage!

06 April 2016

Spring Style Inspiration Board

It's Spring now! And I must say, I'm more of a winter person so I'm not completely happy that it's not winter any more, but there is one thing I'm always excited about when one season ends and another one begins: using different clothes!