27 September 2015

10 lovely desktop wallpapers

It wasn't that long ago that I published a post with some lovely iPhone wallpapers. I was looking for a lovely wallpaper for my laptop last week and I found quite a lot, so I wanted to show you my favorites!

20 September 2015

Nutella Mug Cake

I am not exaggerating a tiny bit when I say this mug cake is the best one I have ever tried in my entire life! Not only is it one of the most delicious things I have ever tried in my life, but it's also super easy and quick to make, flourless, made in the microwave, and single serving! If that, combined with Nutella, is not perfection, then you tell me what is!

13 September 2015

Fall Moodboard

Autumn, Fall, whatever you call it (I say fall, but I'm not a native English speaker), it's right around the corner! I think this season is highly underrated but it's incredibly beautiful and probably the coziest of them all. I saw Emma of Peace.Love.Vintage did a Fall Moodboard and I just couldn't help myself from doing one too!

06 September 2015

Simple ways to escape adulting

As I grow older I find myself saying more and more often "I just can't adult today". I just can't adult any day to be honest! Even though I don't have as many responsibilities as other older people, being in my twenties, I'm entering the magical stressful world of adults and sometimes... you just need a break!

30 August 2015

The best of Blair Waldorf

I don't usually judge people (or at least I try not to), but if you don't like Blair Waldorf, I'm sorry, but I'm judging you. And if you don't know who she is, then you must go watch Gossip Girl right now! Blair Waldorf has been my role model since the day I started watching Gossip Girl. And she actually made me change a lot, for which I'm extremely grateful. I always wanted to have her strength, and style and well... simply be more like her.

23 August 2015

My Thomas Sabo bracelet

Today I wanted to talk to you about my favorite piece on jewelry in the entire world: my Thomas Sabo bracelet. Even though I don't have that many charms, I'm in love with it, and I'm always secretly hoping that someone will ask me about it so I can just talk and talk and talk about it.

18 August 2015

Ways to make your room cozy

I think my bedroom is probably the place where I spend the most time in this world, so I love to keep it pretty. Besides, what feels better than waking up in a beautiful place? Today I wanted to share with you some ways to make your bedroom the cosiest place it can be.