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30 March 2016

Unicef Tap Project

Today's post is very different, but it's still something I really wanted to write about. I found out about UNICEF Tap Project not very long ago, and I think it's a fantastic project and a great way to help and not many people know about it, which is why I wanted to share it will you.

27 March 2016

What's in my bag college bag

Hopefully, this will be my last year at Univesity and this is a post I've been planning to do practically since I started blogging. With the year coming to an end, and my graduation beggining to look like something that might actually happen some day, I decided it was about time I showed you what's inside my college bag.

23 March 2016

Why I blog, and not vlog

Some time ago a friend of mine asked me why I had a blog and didn't start a YouTube channel instead. Her exact words were that "blogging is so 2008". I could have actually given her a million reasons why I prefer blogs over vlogs, but instead I went for an "I don't know". But guess what? Of course I know. And since I express myself better by writing rather than speaking (there goes one reason), I decided to put all of them in one post. 

20 March 2016

Creme Egg Brownie

My sister and I love creme eggs so much, so creme egg brownies have become like an Easter classic at my house. I just love making - and especially eating - these every year! And don't get me started on eating all the leftover creme eggs...

16 March 2016

Non-UK bloggers problems

Most of the blogs I read, and most of my visits, are from the UK. I always say I'm kind of undercover in the UK blogging community. And even though I love it, there are certain things or moments where you can't be part of it completely. I've met more bloggers who are in this same situation, so these are a few of our non-UK bloggers problems.

13 March 2016

DIY Tea bag tags

You have probably seen me complain a lot on twitter but I've been sick, which had me drinking a lot of tea - which I'm not a big fan of (please don't hate me!) so I needed to do something that would make me feel better about drinking it so I decided to make the whole tea experience a lot cuter and if you do like tea, I think this is probably an idea you will like!

09 March 2016

Useful links for bloggers

Being a blogger is a lot of hard work, and requires using a lot of resources: this app to edit my photos, this one to engage with an audience, this other app to know how my blog is doing... right? Fortunately, I found some resources that made the whole blogging experience a lot easier.

02 March 2016

My favorite apps

I'm the kind of girl that probrably spends way too much time on her phone, so I have a lot of apps to keep me entertained, and I'm always looking for new apps. I have no idea how people live with so few apps, I think maybe they don't know these apps exist. Because ever since I tried them, I cannot delete them from my phone. And I have a lot more apps on my phone, but these are my favorite ones! Oh! And they're all free!