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13 March 2016

DIY Tea bag tags

You have probably seen me complain a lot on twitter but I've been sick, which had me drinking a lot of tea - which I'm not a big fan of (please don't hate me!) so I needed to do something that would make me feel better about drinking it so I decided to make the whole tea experience a lot cuter and if you do like tea, I think this is probably an idea you will like!

I started off by drawing my new tags on a piece of paper. You can do anything you think of: from the classic tag-shaped tag with a cute message, to your favorite emoji. I'm terrible at drawing - I'm completely useless - so I kept it very simple.

And then, of course, get your tea bags, and remove that boring tag.

And replace it with yours!

Isn't that a lot cuter?

Question of the day

Are you a tea person or a coffee person (like me)?

Probablemente me hayas visto quejarme mucho en twitter pero por si no lo has visto, he estado mala, y por culpa de eso he estado bebiendo un montón de té - que no me gusta demasiado (no me odiéis) y quería hacer algo para hacer que el acto de beber té fuese un poco mejor. Así que se me ocurrió hacer que toda la experiencia fuese un poco más mona. Y si a ti sí te gusta, creo que esta idea te va a gustar.

Empecé por dibujar nuevas etiquetitas en un folio. Puedes dibujar cualquier cosa que se te ocurra: desde la típica etiqueta con un mensaje cuqui, a tu emoji favorito. A mí se me da fatal dibujar - soy una completa inepta para eso - así que me limité a lo básico.

Luego, por supuesto, coge tus bolsitas y quita la etiqueta que ya viene.

¡Y reemplázala por las tuyas!

¿No es mucho más mono ahora?

Pregunta del día

¿Eres más de té, o de café?

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  1. I am tea person. Hi5!! Hope you are feeling better now and how cute is this DIY *-* Thanks for sharing :)

    Monsoon inspirations for your ethnic wardrobe| Curious And Confused Me

  2. This is such a cute idea! I am actually both a tea and coffee person but I would always choose tea if I had to!


  3. Im a tea lover =]


  4. Definitivamente es una idea para hacer algo productivo y divertido mientras enfermo! De paso te olvidas un poco de lo mal que te sentis. Yo soy super fan del te asi que lo voy a intentar :)


  5. DIY tea bags would make such a lovely gift for someone! Yu just gave me an excellent idea! Connect with me:
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  6. Ok these are the cutest things ever! Love how clever of an idea this is!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  7. I'm definitely a tea person! But when it comes to lattes I become a coffee person, haha. This is such an adorable idea! I will definitely do this to my tea bags! So good :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  8. Be your blog layout is gorgeous, such pretty colours!
    The teabag idea is so sweet, definitely going to try this myself. :)

    Kat - The Mouse Chick ♡

  9. What a good idea, not to mention it's pretty cute too. Love your photos in this blog post (and in general tbh!!)

    - Cydney

  10. This is such a cute idea! It defiantly makes the tea bags look a lot happier and pretty, which is so perfect for when you're not feeling great :) I love it! I hope you're feeling better too!
    Nicole xx
    Ginger Kitchen


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