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29 November 2015

22 before 22 - final update

Guess what? The most important day of the year is approaching! That's right! It's my birthday next week! (December 3rd) Because that's what you all had in mind when I said "most important day of the year", isn't it? Yeah, that's what I thought! When I was going to turn 21 I made a list of 22 things I wanted to achieve before turning 22, which I named (my 22 before 22 ) so let's see how many of those things I actually did!

1. Visit a new country
I visited Holland (Amsterdam and The Hague), Germany (Cologne), Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest), Poland (Krakow and Warsaw) and Luxembourg (Luxembourg).
2. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween
3. Beat someone at pimpon (legitimately)
To be honest, I was really into pimpon when I wrote my 22 before 22 list, but I then stopped playing...
4. Get a t-shirt for Pangaea (read what pangaea is here)
I already have two. Yay!
5. Bake a perfect batch of cookies
6. Make nut-free brownie. (My cousin is allergic to nuts and has been begging me to make her some for years now)
7. Learn to say no
8. Blog every week
I only skipped a few weeks, so can I cross it out?
9. Knit myself a beanie
10. Stop biting my nails
Almost there!!!
11. Be able to do a lutz and a loop on the ice
I'm really close to doing a decent loop!
12. Create a new tradition
13. Get to like beer
Okay. This was impossible.
14. Go to a musical
I went to Wicked on Broadway during my trip to New York!
15. Surprise someone
16. Stop failing my courses!
I do think I may pass all my courses this semester, though.
17. Create a playlist that I could play in public without having to skip any songs
My Christmas playlist!
18. Get a C2 in English (which is pretty impossible, but never stop dreaming)
19. Make my own sushi
20. Go to a movie premiere
I did go to the Mockingjay marathon a week before you could actually watch the movie in the cinema in Spain though. It counts for me.
21. Carve something into a tree
22. Become a 22-year-old that wouldn't disappoint my 20-year-old self.
Not to sound conceited, but I'm not disappointed at all.

As you can see, I did miss some things on my list, but to be honest, a lot has changed since I wrote this list so they were not a "priority" in my life anymore. But I am quite satisfied with my progress (especially about carving a pumpkin!)

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  1. Aww you should be proud, you've done so well! I love seeing people's goals and how they've progressed! ^__^ And happy birthday for in a few days!!xxxx


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