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03 May 2015

Fun times, busy times

This week was full of exciting activities (and, unfortunately, also some sweet and sour moments) but overall, it left some pretty amazing memories that I wanted to share with you!

Monday - King's Day in Amsterdam

On Monday we went on a day trip to Amsterdam, to celebrate King's Day. If you're not from the Netherlands, you probably don't know what it is. (I didn't either). They celebrate their king's birthday and everyone wears orange because his dynasty is called "Orange".

Tuesday - Kiesweek

I have no idea what "Kiesweek" means, but I know what it was: a fair with a bunch of free things! From food (sushi, fries, ice-cream, drinks...) to even rides! How amazing is that?

Wednesday - Big Splash

On Wednesday, the Kiesweek ended with a huge water balloons fight. The weather was probably not perfect for this but I still had a great time!

And... my team won! Although, unfortunately, I had to leave after the first round since I had ice-skating and I have this habit (I know not everyone shares it) of taking the things I care about seriously.

I did not take my own photos of this, as my phone was far away from me somewhere protected from the water, but here are some of the photos I found on the internet from last year event!

I also found a video of last year's aftermovie so you can see how fun it looks!

Thursday - Sick day

On Thursday I was feeling very, very, very sick all day so I obviously couldn't do anything fun. I could barely do anything at all besides staying in bed, trying not to throw up, and trying to throw up.

Friday - The big catastrophe

Bad day again! On Friday morning, my phone broke! Completely! I can't even turn it on. I will try to live with no phone until I go back to Spain in two weeks and get it fixed, but it's going to be hard since I was kind of addicted to it.

Besides, now I have no music when I leave my home, no alarm clock, (no clock at all when I'm not home actually), no camera... My bad!

Saturday - Luxembourg

On Saturday, we made another trip to a different country: Luxembourg! Remember I said my phone broke? Well, with no phone, I had no way to take photos for the blog. I tried to take them with my polaroid camera but... they don't look very well. After all, they're only meant for printing in tiny papers.

Question of the Day

What did you do this week?

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  1. Pretty images. I do like your designs, I'm also designing blogs.
    Do you do button exchange? :-)

    Najmah | By Najmah

  2. Amsterdam looks really beautiful!! I love the pictures
    The Color Palette


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