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19 April 2015

Visiting Poland

Last week I went on a trip to Poland with my friends. I was actually a bit sceptical about this trip since we were travelling with people we never travel with, and some other people were missing, and I was terrified about the weather but it actually was one of the best trips we ever made!

We only had time to visit Krakow and Warsaw and made a small trip to Auschwitz. I didn't take a lot of photos there as I thought it was a bit in poor taste. I think it was no museum or beautiful building you need to take photos of so I'm afraid I'm not talking about it on this post. However, if you get the chance, I really recommend you visit it!



I'd heard nothing but bad things about Warsaw but I actually loved it! I even liked it more than Krakow!

We even found a little piece of China!

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  1. wow this look terrific in those pics. I am in US and planning my first Europe trip. I have a budget of around 3000USD. I am still debating whether should i visit one or two countries in that budget unless i find a really good deal. I was thinking of going to Switzerland and Italy, but your post about Poland has confused me:). This place looks so amazing. How many days you were there in Poland?
    aalia|deals and coupons

    1. Oh honey I don't doubt Switzerland may be a beautiful country but if I were you I'd try to visit as many countries as possible. Moving around Europe is not very expensive. Check out skyscanner for flights and megabus for buses. Some countries are actually pretty cheap (like Poland, Hungary or Czech Republic) and other... well. They're not that cheap. So I'd visit some of the cheapest countries (which are also pretty nice. Budapest is a beautiful city!).

      This year I'm studying in Belgium, aka the heart of Europe, so I've had the chance to visit a lot of countries: France, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and obviously, travel around Belgium. And trust me, a student budget is not a very large budget. If I could do it, so do you!

      So what I'm trying to say is if I were you I'd try to visit as many countries as possible by saving by maybe staying less days in each place, or going for the cheapest destinations.

      Good luck! I can't wait to read it all about your trip!

  2. Lovely photos, you're giving me a major case of wonderlust!
    I've never been to Poland before but I certainly wish to in the future.
    ♥ Fran - www.frannymac.com xx

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Poland, I'm polish but went to Krakow only this year for the first time! xx


  4. I visited Krakow and Warsaw about 5 years ago and oh how nostalgic these pictures made me. Poland is absolutely gorgeous and I'm really glad you had a nice trip!

    Evelin Kivi blog

  5. These pictures are gorgeous! I am actually part Polish and sad to say I have never been so reading this post has inspired me more than ever to finally book a trip.

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

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