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25 October 2015

My first pumpkin carving experience

Halloween is not very celebrated in my country, so carving a pumpkin, despite being something I have always wanted to do, is something I had never done. If you remember any of my 22 before 22 posts, it was on my list too. So last Thursday, my cousins and I decided to try to make one.

We obviously had no idea of how you carve a pumpkin, so we did some google research. I read that you had to be careful and buy an American pumpkin, and not a Spanish pumpkin. So when I saw this one, I thought this looked like one that was good enough for carving.

Besides, it came with candy! (that I ate while my cousins and my sister were still taking picture of the pumpkin)

My sister said she had seen that you had to start off by cutting a pentagon and decided to cut this teeny tiny thing.

So it was a bit hard to empty it.

We had two pumpkins, so for the second one, I decided to do it my way.

Way better, don't you think?

Our pumpkin came with a sticker with a basic face. Cutting the top part was really hard for us so we decided to stick to this face and instead of trying anything crazy.

We did do our own mouth because the one in our sticker seemed too hard (too many teeth!).

And voila! These are our pumpkins! I think they don't look that bad for a first try. We were certainly reaaaally proud of them!

And we probably spent more time taking pictures with our new little babies than we took making them

Question of the Day

Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween?

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  1. Love carving pumpkins during Halloween! Great post.


  2. ohh congrats in your first carving experience, it looks really good! I don't carve pumpkins for halloween but I wish I did.


  3. You did a good job cutting a pumpkin is actually a lot harder than it looks Lucy x


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