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26 September 2014

Room Tour

I absolutely love my new room and I wish I could have it in Spain, and I just couldn't not share it with you.

My room has two sections, separated by a wall. The one you see when you come into the room is like a mini private living room, while the other one is more like a bedroom, with a bed, a closet, and a sink with a mirror.

For some reason, my room has not one, but two, fake fireplaces: one in the bedroom part, and the other one in the living room part.

The living room part was a bit empty, so I bought a little table from Ikea and a foldable chair in case I had any visits.

I also bought these "shelves", that have little colorful boxes. I absolutely love it because I can keep everything organized attending to different categories and it gives my room a lot of color!

The previous owner had some stuff hanging on the walls and when she left and removed those, she left some huge white spots on the wall, so I bought a vinyl sticker from ikea to cover those (although I still have a few to cover, which you can see in the photo)

And now... this is my desk.

I know it's a bit plain and boring, but I love how big and tidy it is... Although I definitely need to think of some diys to spice it up!

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  1. Wow, you've really made the best of the space you have. Love those wall stickers and all the colour in your room :)

    VVNightingale | Vicky

  2. Your room is really pretty. I like how minimalist it is :) I especially like the colourful shelf.

  3. Have a beautiful, fresh new start Belen! Your room is wonderful! :D

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  4. Your room is so pretty and individual! I really like those coloured shelves with the boxes, they are great. I also love the colours of your room, so bright and happy!
    Jennifer x

  5. I really like your room. I love all the pops of color. Especially the shelves. :)

  6. I love your room. I love how bright it is, and all the little touches you have.


  7. In love with how you set up your bed. That heart pillow is too adorable x Hope you are having a great time at uni!

    She Will Be

  8. omggg that is really a cute room and i love how you decorated it :D ♥ you are amazing


  9. Your room is so pretty, love the colours!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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