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08 December 2015

Christmas Wallpapers

I've been trying not to brag about this too much but... I've got a new phone! And I'm soooo excited about it and in love with it! And of course, I've been obsessed with making it perfect lately: finding the perfect case, the perfect wallpaper... And because I love Christmas, I did look for Christmas wallpapers, and these are some lovely ones that I found and you can use too!

Most of the links lead to sites where you can find even more lovely wallpapers! But I decided to choose only my favorite one or else this post would be super long!

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  1. I love all of the wallpapers! I'm definitely going to change my phone's wallpaper now to one of them!
    Beauty Inside Art

  2. I love your blog because we are so similar! I have the third image as my wallpaper for a few days now so it was funny when I saw it in this post haha.
    Christmas wallpaper are so so cute!!



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