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13 December 2015

Little cookie houses

These are some little cookie houses that I made with my favorite little person (i.e. my three-year-old cousin). They're seriously the easiest to make and she was so wowed by them but I thought I'd show you what we'd done.

I need to ask you something: does anyone else have a family that suddenly goes to your house, stays for lunch, and ends up staying until the sun goes down? Or is it just mine? Last week, we were preparing to eat alone when suddenly members from my family started to come and come and suddenly! We were setting the big table for 11 people!

You'd think they'd only be staying for lunch but... oh no! That's so not like my family! So in the afternoon, when my little cousin had brought out all of my stuffed animals, and papers and pencils, and was about to bring out all of my sister's all play grocery store items, I decided I had enough to tidy up when she left to let her do that and I remembered seeing some houses like this on Pinterest so I thought it would be a good idea to keep her entertained.

You will need

  • Cookies
  • m&m's
  • Icing, nutella, or anything that can act as a "glue"

She was in charge of the candy, and I was in charge of the glueing.

I don't think it actually needs instructions, you just have to glue the cookies and the m&m's.

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1 comment:

  1. No tengo el familiar que suele ir a mi casa para almorzar jaja, pero tus recetas me encanta, esta es simple pero rica y con linda presentacion a la vez, me encanta!


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