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07 December 2015

Our Christmas Tree

We have a little tradition in our family and always wait until December 6th to set up the Christmas tree. My sister was totally against it but I convinced them to allow me to set it up on December 1st, because I wanted it there for my birthday!

We're not really professional Christmas tree decorators, but I think it's all about having fun and getting into the Christmas spirit and I'm a pro at that!

Most ornaments are like super old, like this one:

Others, I do like.

And others hide a story, like this mouse.

It's a really long story, but I'll write it for you, in case anyone feels like reading.

One year, my family and I went to see The Mousetrap (by Agatha Christie) to the theater. In the play, a group of people is locked inside a hotel, with no electricity or phone and someone is killing all of them, while singing a song about three mice (long story short)

The thing is, that night, I stayed up on my computer and our light went off, and I started overthinking like "ok. What if someone did that on purpose so they can sneak into our house and we won't be able to use the phone to call the police? And because we're sleeping, we're changing our cell phones and we won't notice, so in a while, our cell phones will have no battery and we won't be able to use them either".

And then I heard the door open! We have a balcony that connects my bedroom, my sister's and my parent's. So I grabbed my phone and run through the balcony to my parents room and started knocking on their window like crazy. My mom was sleeping so she had no idea what was going on and so I freaked her out.

Apparently, my dad had noticed the light had gone off and he'd opened the door to check if there was light in the rest of the building. And then they all laughed at me, but I seriously thought I was going to die.

And someone in our family found the story funny and gave us three mice for our Christmas tree.

And this is my favorite one!

Look at me ice-skating in front of the Empire State Building.

Here's another one of my favorites!

We have a few ornaments from our trips.

And we also have a lot of skates!

Question of the day

When do you decorate your Christmas tree?

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  1. looks so cute! We are putting our decorations up this week, i'm so excited x


  2. I love your tree so much, the skates are so cute and definitely my favourite! I found a lovely glittery bauble at Homebase for cheap the other day although we haven't found an angel to top ours yet :D xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram :D

  3. Your tree looks so festive! We also have some classic ornaments like the first photo but the last couple of years we like to buy unique ones, mostly toys! We decorated out tree last Saturday, the sooner the better! :D

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  4. This tree is so festive! I love all the decor you put on it :)



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