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19 December 2015

Madrid during Christmas

It's funny. I would love to move to another country and I complain a lot about it, but I actually love my city. And even though Christmas here doesn't look as pretty as it did other years, there is something about Christmas in Madrid. So since I always show you the places I travel to, today I'm showing you the place where I live. And during the best season of them all: Christmas!

Let's start with the most important place. It's called Sol (which means Sun) and it's the very center of Spain. And you see the clock in the back? That's the clock you will see on every single TV channel for the countdown to New Year's Eve.

Because Spain is not in a good economical moment, we've had the same Christmas lights for a few years now. If anything ever changes, it's because a famous brand is financing it. I mean... does this look familiar? That's what I mean. Coca-cola paid for it.

And that little white house is actually a Christmas decoration store. Let's take a look at the inside, shall we?


Here's another classic for us. This store it's called "El Corte Inglés". And I like to describe it as "the Spanish Macy's".

Every year, they do this thing called "Cortylandia" where they decorate one of their walls for the kids and every hour, the little characters you see move and sing.

This year it has lights and a little movie projected and even snow!

But since my photos doesn't really do Madrid justice, I recommend you take a look at this post (ok. I must admit the post is in Spanish, but just take a look at the pictures! Pretty please?)

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  1. Madrid looks like it is beautiful at Christmas. It certainly has it's fair share of lights. I really like the sound of the Cortylandia thing - how wonderful!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

    1. I must admit it was a lot better when I was a kid, but at least it's still there! I love my city on Christmas <3

  2. Madrid se ve super festivo en esta epoca, ojala algun dia lo pueda ver jaja, tenes mucha suerte! :)


    1. ¿Por qué suerte? Pues a mí me encantaría visitar Argentina... aunque no en Navidad, que me gusta mucho el fresquito. Pero algún día...

  3. Woah, awesome pictures. So christmas-y ;)
    Also, I love the lay-out of your blog. Looks so clean and pretty!


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