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30 June 2014

Introducing Makeover Mondays

I've been saying that I had a big surprise coming up for almost the whole month and today it was time to reveal what it was, so let me introduce you to... MAKEOVER MONDAYS!

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What are makeover mondays?

The idea for Makeover Mondays was inspired by this youtube channel, where an interior designer would give one lucky subscriber a free bedroom makeover every week, although in my case, I will be giving one free blog makeover every monday.

How does it work?

It's actually very easy, but a bit difficult to explain, so I'll try to do it the best I can:
  1. Every Monday I'll make a new blog post showing a makeover I did.
  2. If you want to win a makeover for your blog, you'll have to leave a comment on that post.
  3. You have the whole week to leave your comments.
  4. The next Monday, I'll choose and message the winner.
  5. The winner has 24 hours to answer to my email, or else I will choose a different person.
  6. From that day and until the end of the week, I will work on a free custom blog design for the winner, asking him/her what he/she wants so we can create the perfect template.
  7. Next Monday I will make a new post showing the makeover and again, you can leave comments to win the next makeover. 
  8. It goes on like this until my summer holidays end.

What does the design include?

  • Header
  • Favicon
  • Navigation bar
  • Social icons
  • Sidebar titles
  • About me / welcome graphic
  • Posts signature
  • Optimized titles for SEO
  • Help with the installation 
  • Back to top button 
  • Default avatar for comments (for anonymous users and blogger users with no avatar)
  • Apple touch icon
  • Grab button
  • Contact page
  • Custom buttons for older posts/newer posts/home.
  • Post dividers
NOTE: This may vary depending on what you need/want. We can add and skip things.
You should also know that I can't draw. AT ALL. So I warn you my headers are not the best, but I hope we will find a way to make something you like.

Blogs I have designed 

In chronological order:


  • You must be following me on bloglovin'.
  • You must be a blogger user. I don't know how to design anything for wordpress or any other blogging platforms... Sorry.
  • As I said before, I will contact the winner on Monday, and you have 24 hours to reply to that email.
  • All the designs will include a little credit (it will be small, I promise) that you cannot remove.
  • I only have one week to work on the design.
  • I won't just copy someone's template. When I used tumblr, I remember being asked to make a theme like the one some other user had. Please don't ask me to do this. You can send me blog designs you like for inspiration, or you can tell me you like certain elements in their designs, but please don't ask me to completely copy the whole template.
  • Please do not enter if you are going to unfollow me afterwards, or if you won't use the template.

What must the comment include?

  • Your blog's name
  • Your blog's URL
  • A brief description of your blog
  • Your e-mail (so I can contact you)
  • Why you want to win the makeover


  • You have until Sunday (included) to leave your comment. 
  • I will choose one winner and send him/her an email next Monday. 
  • If you don't answer in 24 hours, I will choose someone else.
  • We have until next Sunday to work on the design.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or send me an e-mail to lovefrombe@gmail.com.

I hope you like this idea. Have a nice day and good luck!

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  1. That's a brilliant idea Belen! ^_^
    I'd love to see your creations! :D

  2. I'd love it, it's such a great idea! I have a beauty blog called Crumbliest where I review products, diy projects and basically write about beauty :)
    I want to win, because my blog is rather new and I don't know a lot about blogging, and I'd like to improve my blog condiction.

    my email: crumbliest@gmail.com
    x Rose

  3. Omg biggest and best idea ever!
    Brunette In Black - brunetteinblackm.blogspot.com
    I post a little bit of everything like lifestyle, DIY, Beauty... unfortunately I can't do much for now because I don't have enough material to do certain things and the picture's when taken by me have not the best quality since I take them with my phone.
    I want to win because I want my blog to have it's own design that no one else can have, like a personal image of the blog itself and that would mean a lot to me.

    My email: brunetteinblack@hotmail.com

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

  4. I'm so excited about this! Can't wait to see the blogs you design x


  5. Oh my god this is such a good idea!
    Counter Pretty- counterpretty.blogspot.co.uk
    I mainly post about beauty but I'm going to try and branch out into lifestyle and possibly vlogging very soon :)
    I would love to win as I keep hopping from template to template because I want something that will make my blog stand out and blog design is really important to me as it's what makes a blog, and I would love for my blog to be personal to me :) x

  6. I would love to win because I am so bad at designing my blog and it needs a lot of help! I love the way your blog looks and I think you are soo talented ;) my blog is TutusandPearls.blogspot.com and it is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog. My email is glitzydancer7@gmail.com :)


  7. I'm so excited for this Be and for everyone who wins one! You're incredible.
    My blogs name is samanthaaann
    I post a mix of beauty fashion and lifestyle things. I would love to win since I am currently using a template and it's nice and all but something that could be more mine would be more inspiring for me to keep up and post more! I've tried to learn more about how to make my own but I'm useless.
    My email is samanthayakalis@yahoo.com

    Xx samantha

  8. What a brilliant idea so cool. If the blogs that you have designed previously is anything to go by bloggers are in for a treat. Lucy x

  9. Oh my gosh! We're so excited for this. (=
    Blog name: itsksquared | kim & kyle
    Blog url: itsksquared.blogspot.com
    Info: Well, basically, our blog is about us. We both share love for fashion, and we want to share it with everyone else who might happen to stumble by our blog. (= We just surpassed our first month of blogging, and it's going great so far (= In the future, we'd love to do posts related to Food, DIYs, Crafts and the like.
    Our email: kimandkyleinquiries@gmail.com
    Why we want to win: We're a big fan of your blog design since we laid eyes on Sophie's blog(and your blog of course!). We'd really love to have you design our blog layout. We're not really that great with html/graphics so we're just not satisfied with our current layout. But I'm pretty sure we'll love whatever you'll design. We really want our blog to professional, or at least eye-catching. We hope you can help us! (=

    xx kim&kyle

    itsksquared.blogspot.com | kim&kyle

  10. This is such a great idea! Honestly, it's soo good :D

    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow


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