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13 June 2014

Crescent rolls

It's Friday! And Friday is a posting day so I owed you a post. However, you should know that I've barely slept this week and I'm super tired so please excuse me for all the things that don't make any sense that I might include in this post.
¡Es viernes! Y los viernes toca entrada de blog, así que os la debía. No obstante, esta semana he dormido poquísitmo y estoy super cansada, así lo siento si digo algo sin sentido.

Today I wanted to share with you this ""recipe"" for Crescent rolls.
Hoy os traigo mi ""receta"" de los rollitos de hojandre.

To make these I used:
Para hacer estos he usado.
  • A package of puff pastry
    Un paquete de masa de hojaldre
  • Ham
    Jamón de york
  • Cheese
  • 1 egg yolk
    Una yema de huevo
  • Optional: jam
    Opcional: mermelada


Roll the puff pastry. You may want to cut in two halves. Then lie some ham and cheese on top, and even some jam if you want. I made some with jam and some without it.
Estira la masa de hojaldre. Problablemente necesitarás cortarla en dos mitades alargadas. Luego coloca unas lonchas de jamón y de queso encima, e incluso mermelada si quieres. Yo hice algunos con y otros sin.

Start rolling each half. 
Enrolla cada mitad.

After rolling it, cut each roll in smaller pieces and separate them from one another in case they would spread in the oven.
Después de enrollarlo, corta los rollos en trozos más pequeños y sepáralos por si crecen en el horno.

Whisk the egg yolk and brush the rolls with it. This will make them look gold and crispy. 
Bate la masa de huevo y pinta los rollos con ella. Esto hará que queden más dorados y crujientes.

Put them in the oven for 15 min aprox. at 350°F / 180°C.
Mételos en el horno durante 15 min. aproximadamente a 180ºC o 350ºF.

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  1. They seem so delicious! Really yummy

  2. I hope that you manage to catch up on your sleep. These look yummy perfect for a picnick Lucy x
    <a href="foodieforce.co.uk>

    1. thank you! I hope so too because I'm sooooo tired...

      xx, Be || lovefrombe

  3. Hi Belen!!! It's a very good recipe and I'm very hungry!!!! Thanks for follow me on G+....I follow you immediately too!! What do you think to follow us also in Bloglovin? Kisses,


    1. Thanks a lot! It's a very simple recipe but it tastes really good :) xx

  4. These look so delicious! Thanks for sharing :) x

    Under Blue Lights


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