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29 June 2014

My favorite summer nail polishes

I always wear nail polish on my nails. I just feel very uncomfortable without it. However, I always tend to stick to the same colors, so today I wanted to share those few colors I've been loving this summer.

KIKO 284 Dark Peony Pink

This is my favorite color at the moment. It's the perfect shade between red and pink. It may be a bit more pink than red, but I think that's why I love it so much. 

OPI Step Right Up!

My cousin gave me this nail polish for my birthday and I absolutely love it. It's a super light pink, almost white color. I think it's a very elegant shade. OPI nail polishes are a bit too pricey for me so I would have never bought it myself. Even though I love this color, I think I'll stick to kiko nail polishes, though since I need to apply a lot of coats of this nail polish to get an opaque look.

KIKO 217 Antique pink

I was super obsessed with this color last summer. I think I wore it the whole summer. It reminds me of sand, with a touch of pink. It's very subtle and a bit shimmery. I still haven't had the chance to wear it this summer but I can't wait to do it.

KIKO 351 Peony pink *

I think this is one of the first nail polishes I bought from kiko. If you have any nail polish from kiko, you'll see it was a 5-digit number at the bottom, written in ink. This one, however, only has a "51" engraved, which makes me think it was probably one of their first products. It's a super bright pink color that reminds me a bit of coral too. I personally think it's perfect for summer.

* I'm not sure it's actually this number because it doesn't have the sticker with the number, but after comparing it to the colors on their website I decided that this was the shade.

KIKO 344 Light misty green

If you didn't notice, most of my nail polish are different shades of pink. I like to use this nail polish when I want a change. It's a very nice blue color with a slight touch of green. 

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  1. Great post and so beautifully done! These coloured hearts make it so much more appealing to read!

    Evelin Kivi blog

  2. Omg I want them all :O I really fell in love with the colors!
    OMG the surprise is tomorrow!!! Can't wait for it :D

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

  3. The nudes and pinks are my summer go to nail lacquer! Love the layout of the post btw :) x


  4. Lovely post and shades!!! The first one is absolutely amazing! :D


    1. Today is the day! At last!
      Have a beautiful week! <3

  5. Love the Kiko 344 Light Misty Green! All very happy summery colours :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  6. Light Misty Green looks beautiful, but I'm definitely a person to stick to pink nail colours. I love how you've done this post with the colour hearts! x


  7. I love the green colour! Summer polishes are my fave x

  8. Hi there ^^ ♥ . Im just stopped by to tell you that your post has been featured in my `Best blog posts of June` here < http://itsrozee.tumblr.com/post/90695946360/best-blog-posts-of-june > .Thanks for being amazing. bye and lots of love ♥
    love youuuu

  9. Another great post! I love all the colours :)
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow


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