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18 June 2014

Secrets of Blogging Tag

I saw this tag on Emmihearts and I loved it! So I had to do it!

1. When did you start blogging and why?
I started last June. I'd always wanted to have a blog and I actually started a lot of them before but I'd always give up on them. I think it was because I didn't know what I wanted. But fortunately, last year, I came across For Chic Sake and Agus Yornet (which I have mentioned a million times on this blog) and when I saw those blogs I knew exactly what I wanted, and they inspired me to create this blog.

2. How many people "in real life" know about your blog?
Actually, a few. I always try to hide my internet life, like my tumblr, my twitter, my blog... But I then realized that since I wanted this blog to become popular, I should probably tell people about it and not be afraid what they thought. I still hide it from some people (like most people from my University) and my family knows I have a blog, but they don't know the url.

3. What are your favourite posts to read?
I really like DIYs, recipes and posts like "what's in my bags", tips, wishlists, hauls... , that kind of posts that are short of personal but easy to read. And I'm starting not to like product reviews that much any more...

4. List a blog you have discovered recently

5. Which post are you most proud of?
I can't choose one, but it's probably one of these three:
6. Any advice for future bloggers?
  • Know what you want
  • Find a good design. This may sound superficial, but I sometimes don't read blogs just because I don't like their design. People judge, so try to find a nice design and specially, one that's easy to read: white background, large, font...
  • Get involved: follow other blogs, leave comments, get accounts in as many social networks as you can...
  • Post frequently
  • Do what you love, love what you do.
  • Disable captcha. I hate those, please disable that. 
  • Allow your readers to know you. Try to make them not only love your blog, but you too.
I tag everyone reading this!

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  1. For sure I will do this tag later :3

    xx, M | xx, M | Brunette In Black

  2. I loved your answer to the last question, some great advice x


  3. Yay thank you for mentioning me lovely! :) also like the captcha mention there ;) xx
    Counter Pretty

    1. haha I seriously couldn't hate captcha more. Thanks, Catherine! xx

  4. I had no idea you'd done the tag Be, I loved reading your answers xx

    1. Oops, I should have probably let you know. Sorry. And thanks! xx

  5. Oh no! Whats the reason for not liking product reviews anymore? The majority of my posts are reviews, but I do find that a lot of other bloggers claim that everything is good, or rave about something I hated, and I kind of wonder if they are telling the truth or not. I totally agree with all of your tips for future bloggers. Interaction is important, as well as good photos and a cute blog design. I also think its great for friends to know about your blog (no matter how embarrassing it is at first) because you can talk to them about it, and they usually are very supportive. I know mine are, and even though my guy friends joke around and make fun of me sometimes for it I know they think its cool!

    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

    1. Some reviews are ok, but I'm starting to find the rest a bit boring.

      For example, I do nail pail polish because it's nice to see the colors and now where to buy them.

      But others, specially skin care... idk. Sometimes they do find the perfect product, but most skin care products review are like just another moisturizing lotion to me, just like any other one out there. And you can't even see what it does (visually), and even if you do it's still a bit boring and not that pretty...

      And then there's makeup and ok, some makeup are ok. But others I find boring too. Like highlighter or eyeliners. It may be because I'm not a makeup expert, but I see a review on those and I'm like "ok. it looks nice" but after the 5th review, they all look the same to me so it's like "so yet another one that does the same thing that all the rest, and look like aaaaall the rest".

      I don't know. I'm sorry. But that's just my opinion. You should keep doing reviews if that's what you like. And I'm sure other makeup bloggers probably do like them...


    2. Yeah I totally get where you are coming from! When a bunch of us are sent the same products I'm like crap... we all get our posts up at the same time and all say the same things, people might think this is boring :P Yeah I love doing them, but I like reading them only when Im looking to buy the specific product. I think they are helpful in that sense, also swatch pictures or pictures of it on really help!

  6. Aww nice tag, im doing this for sure ♥

    Roze @ It's Rozee Daily


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