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28 June 2015

What's in my travel bag

As you may have noticed I travelled quite a lot this year. And, I actually love packing and preparing everything for each flight. Even my travel bag! So today I wanted to share with you what I need to take with me to make the entire flying experience as perfect as possible.

So... what's in my travel bag?

  1. Passport: Of course! Even if it's enough with my ID, I always take my passport with me and keep it in the hotel or my house. That way, if I lost my wallet or had it stollen I would still be able to travel back.
    My case is from wish.
  2. Macbook and iPad: I don't always take these with me (only on long trips), but when I do they have to be in my travel bag. I would not trust them to be anywhere else! I also like to watch movies on my iPad.
  3. iPhone: My iPhone is my everything. I need it to communicate and I need it listen to music!
  4. Headphones: A flight with no music? No, thanks!
  5. Phone charger: Because sometimes you have plugs in planes and airports.
    Mine is from Hema.
  6. Wallet: Another obvious... I currently use a tiny one that a friend brought me from Paris. It's not exactly like the one above, but it's the most similar one I could find.
  7. Empty water bottle: I talked about this in my packing tips and tricks post. Liquids may not be allowed through security but empty bottles are. So keep out in your bag and fill it in the bathroom to avoid paying a little fortune on drinks!
    Mine is from casa. It's the one in their homepage, not the one in the photo above.
  8. Snacks: Flights sometimes get long and boring so you can get hungry.
  9. My basics: I always, ALWAYS, take these things with me: lip balm, tissues and hand sanitizer.
  10. A jacket: I don't know why it's always cold in planes and airports.
  11. Battery: I use my phone a lot and I would not like for it to run out of battery.
    Mine is from power bank.
  12. Sunglasses and oil control papers: These need to be with me at all times during the summer.
    Mine are from American Eagle and Essence, respectively.

Question of the day

What's in your travel bags?

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  1. Se parece mucho a lo que yo llevo cuando viajo, algunas veces llevo una cobijita para no morir de frio

    The Color Palette


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