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14 June 2015

Lovely phone wallpapers

Today, I have a very important confession to make. Are you ready? Are you sure? Ok... here it goes: I'm addicted to my phone. I bet you didn't see that coming! Unless you know me. Because like 99% of the people who know me know I can't live without my phone (although I actually do). I guess that's why I love to keep it tidy and looking pretty. So today I decided to share some beautiful phone wallpapers that you can use too!

credit: photo created using pho.to lab app

How to use them?

Look for the number corresponding to the background you like and click on the link next to it. Save the image into your phone and set it as your wallpaper!

1. link    ||    2. link    ||    3. link

4. link    ||    5. link    ||    6. link

7. link    ||    8. link    ||    9. link

10. link    ||    11. link    ||    12. link

Question of the Day

Do you use your phone a lot?

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  1. They are so pretty, making it difficult to choose one.

    Cherie xox

  2. Great picks :) I currently am using number 1 right now as my home screen!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  3. I love all of these! so pretty!
    ♥ chantelle | chanbelle


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