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05 July 2015

Instadiaries: June 2015

Another month gone by and it's time to see what I shared in my Instagram!

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  • June 1st: The cutest coffee I'd ever had!
  • June 2nd: My bad before going to the library... ugh! Thank goodness those days are over for a little while.
  • June 3rd: You know how they say you should never do grocery shopping when you're hungry? I don't think you should do it when you're tired either. 
  • June 4th: I'd just bought this little (actually, not so little) jar that I love!
  • June 5th: The library. We were taking a break from all that studying.
  • June 12th: I bought this watch so I could take it to my exams. And I think it's so cute!
  • June 15th: New in! (I went a bit crazy this month. I bought way more things that I should have. Oops!). I couldn't be more in love with this.
  • June 17th: This month I've been obsessed with mixing drinks. I thought my new jar was too cute to be used for conventional drinks.
  • June 19th: Another coffee break for my studying. This coffee is from the first place that the one in my first photo, which I have recently been in love with. Can you believe this photo was taking in June? It felt like winter! I miss those cold days though...
  • June 26th: I came back to Spain and this was waiting for me at home. American candy is the best! To be honest, I hadn't tried bottle caps before and I'm not sure I like them that much, but I do love pieces! (And just so you know, Reese's peanut butter cups are my favorite chocolate in the entire world,)
  • June 30th: Old ("old". From last month) photo with my good friend Sandra because it was her birthday.

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  1. I love posts like these, Instagram is my absolute favourite! Your pictures are so pretty!



  2. That coffee is so cute! Instagram is definitely my favourite social media x

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk


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