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23 August 2014

My Belgium wishlist

I'm a big fan of lists. I'm always making lists of just anything, and wishlists are the easiest ones for me, because I always want a lot of things. I'll be moving to Belgium in less than a month (OMG) and these are some of the things I want right now:

1. White heart cushion (Primark)
I am absolutely in love with this heart. I have the classical one from Ikea, but this... omg! It's so pretty! I really want it for my room.
Link here.

2. Bicycle spoke beads (Tiger)
In Belgium, I will rent a bike for the year, because that's what everyone uses to move around. I saw these at tiger and I loved them! I actually saw some star-shaped ones (but they didn't have the photo on the website) and I knew I needed them inmediately.
Link here.

3. Longchamp Le Pliage
I have been in love with this bag for such a long time and I can't wait to own one. So maybe this year is the year... 
Link here.

4. Steam case (Leuke)
This allows you to cook a lot of meals in a healthy way, in the microwave. I think this would be perfect for me, since I can't cook, cause it makes it really easy and you only have one thing to clean afterwards. 
Link here.

5. Rain Boots (Hunter)
It will rain a lot in Belgium and I don't have any shoes for the rain. I have loved Hunters so I've almost completely convinced my mom to buy me a pair for next year. Fingers crossed.
Link here.

6. Printed Tablet Lapdesk (PB Teen)
I love Lapdesks. I have one at home, but I don't really want to take it in my suitcase cause it takes a lot of space. This one is super pretty and I love the fact you can also store things inside. And it would allow me to hold my iPad!
Link here.

7. Candle Holder (Ikea)
Even though I wouldn't use it as a Candle Holder, I really want this. It's sooooo pretty and you can use it for many things. I have a larger one at the moment and I use it to display my earrings and I keep a few mini perfumes inside. I think I would use it as a pencil holder, as a beautiful pencil holder.
Link here.

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What's in your wishlist at the moment?

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  1. I wish I knew how to ride a bike :o I hope I can learn one day :b, I don't think I have anything on my wishlist right now unless Tom Kaulitz counts...? xD

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

    1. I can't ride one really well to be honest, but I guess I have the whole year to learn. OMG I didn't realize I can't really ride one. I'm gonna die haha I don't think that counts, Monica...

  2. I really have to get my hands on that Primark cushion, I've wanted it for ages!
    Nicole♥ | Just a bit of Nicole

  3. Longchamp Le Pliage is my favorite bag for traveling as it can carry lots of stuffs and very durable :D Hope you can get all the wish list.


  4. Good luck with the move to Belgium! Love the cushion, I can totally convince my parents it's something I need for uni, right?


  5. I have one of those from Ikea - it's slightly different and in mint but it's great to store things in!


  6. This was a really cute wish list~ Getting around a country such as Belgium by bike seems like such an adventure! Maybe I'm romanticizing things, but it sounds amazing <3

    She Will Be

  7. lovely list Be! i can't imagine the excitement, enjoy the move :)

    sharon @ shasummerwine.


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