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18 August 2014

Makeover Mondays #6

I have a short of bad news today. If you didn't notice, summer is coming to an end, and Makeover Mondays were only meant to last for the summer, which means... they're coming to an end too. In fact, this week I'm doing the last makeover of the summer, who was chosen from last week's comments, so... there are no more chances to enter, sorry.

I felt so bad that I couldn't do more makeovers for all of you that I decided to do something crazy last week and I did... TWO makeovers. And it was insane. I can barely keep with one makeover a week. Two was totally exhausting...

So even though I couldn't give everyone their makeover, I do think I did all I could, so I hope you understand and you still liked this idea. And now... let's move on to this week's makeovers!

Basically alice

The first person I chose was Alice of Basically Alice. I knew Alice from Instagram and she's a really sweet girl with a great taste, so when she said she wanted to start blogging I was totally in. This is the description she left:

Hey, my name is alice and my blog name at the moment is @pastel_bows with the URL http://pastelbowss.blogspot.co.uk, however I might change this as they cannot be the same. I've only just started my blog so I haven't posted anything yet but in the future I will be posting things including fashion, beauty, photography, food and lifestyle. Your designs are absolutely amazing, I would love to win the makeover as at the moment my blog doesn't look good enough to post anything. I feel by having a blog it could help me escape from the world for a bit and hopefully give advice to other people who may read my blog:)xxx

This is what her blog looked like:

And this is what we came up with:


The second person I chose was Rachel of Broomfie. This is the description she left:

Hi, my blog is Broomfie (www.broomfie.blogspot.com) and is mainly concerned with my move from the UK to Vancouver in a few weeks. I'll hopefully be travelling quite a bit, but in the mean time I'm posting about what travelling I am doing now, beauty, fashion and quite a bit about books! 
I would love to win the make-over because, plainly, I cannot make any sense of html and other coding. It took me all evening to figure out how to get my photos without a white border! I have been putting so much effort into my blog since I started it 3 weeks ago but I really feel like it's my layout that is holding me back. It's the sort of style I want but it's really not quite right. It doesn't look too professional in my opinion but I don't know what else to do! Your designs (that I have seen) are much more like I want and I really, really wish you could be lovely and help me out (please, please, please!)

Rachel wanted a simple black & white template. If you've been reading every post you may know by now how much I (don't) love doing these because they're so tricky and hard. So doing 2 designs at the same time became extra challenging because they were super different from each other and super different from what I usually do. But I must admit I'm pretty satisfied with the result...

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  1. All of your makeovers have been amazing and you did a great job and left many people happy, that's what matters :3

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

  2. I've enjoyed seeing what you've done with the makeovers - you're so good at it! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  3. Him I have loved seeing all of these makeovers! Please could you make a post explaining how you made the social media follow me design elements? I would love to create my own design for my blog but I'm not very technical! Love your blog!

    My blog: Jasmine Lauren

  4. Awww I am so upset to hear that you are ending Makeover Monday's because I was hoping to enter your next :( Congratulations to the winners though! It is so sweet of you to do this for as long as you did <3 Good luck with school xx

    She Will Be

  5. you did a great jobs on all the blogs, they all look fabulous! thankyou again for mine, I still loveee it xx


  6. Two amazing makeovers again lovely! I think you've done such an amazing job with Makeover Mondays and I'm so glad I was lucky enough to win one as you've made my blog amazing and I absolutely love it and all the makeovers you've done! :)
    Counter Pretty

  7. I absolutely adore both makeovers! You are seriously talented!
    Ivory Avenue

  8. I love both makeovers - especially the first one! You're so creative :)

    Eve & Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters | A blog about charity shops, cosmetics & coeliac disease

  9. Both makeovers are amazing! Aww! We're going to miss you makeover mondays =(
    yourstruly-kyle.blogspot.com | kyle

  10. Wow, you are really good at this! I am so sad you are not goging to be doing them anymore as you are great at them. I would take any edits or advice you have. http://soworkweekchic.blogspot.com/


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