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29 August 2014

College essentials

I used to absolutely hate Back to school season. Summer coming to an end is already depressing enough. Last thing we need is for back to school commercials to come up on tv as we try to make the most of those last few days we can spend doing nothing but sitting on our couches, watch tv, use our computers, sit on our beds...

But there as much as I hate those commercials, I just love back to school posts and videos. I don't even know why, but I love them. I know I'm a bit awkward, but... that's the truth. And right now all my back to school preparations are basically packing for Belgium. I already have a lot of clothes I want to take with me so I can't do any back to school shopping or DIYs or anything fun. But I wanted to do a back to school post too, so I decided to share with you my college essentials.


My agenda is my life-savior. I have everything written on it: from exams and projects, to birthdays, blog posts, plans with people... everything! My memory is... nonexistent so I rely on this completely. I've been using the same color code since high school and it's been working pretty well for me. If you're curious, this is what I use:

  • Blue: Birthdays
  • Green: Exams (because green is the color of good luck)
  • Yellow: Random things related with University
  • Pink: Plans
  • Purple: Projects
  • Orange: Blog (this one is new)


I gave you a little spoiler describing my agenda, but I'm a fan of using colors. I have colored  highlighters, pens, post-it's, papers... I like to use colors to highlight the most important things and to brighten up my notes to make studying a bit less boring.

Post-it notes

Or may I say "colorful post-it notes"? This is another thing I use for EVERYTHING! I use tiny ones as bookmarks, or to write things on my agenda that are very important so writing them in its color is not enough, or when the date of something may change, because I don't like crossing things out.

I use bigger post-it notes to write things I forgot to add or to summaries the most important things in my notes, seeing them in another color helps me focus on what's truly important, and the reduced size of the post-it note makes sure I don't write anything but the most important stuff on them.


Well, human beings need water. To keep hydrated, and avoid those super uncomfortable moments when you're very thirsty and can't stop coughing in the middle of a class. 

Hair ties

How many times have you read or been told that you should study in a tidy place? Well you shouldn't only get rid of any distractions from your desk, but also from any distractions in general. And these include your hair. When I'm working on something important or need to concentrate a lot, I need to put my hair away so it doesn't bother me if it gets in my face, or so I won't get distracted by it and start playing with it. I always need to have a hair tie in my wrist.


I don't need to explain why I love music, do I? Music is always the best solution. You're going to need some relaxing moments and music... music is music. Who could live without it?


Sugar stimulates the brain and helps you think better. Eating a million pounds of sugar is definitely not good, but eating a few before an exam is! Don't cut it out of your life because you're going to need it.


Sleep is very important. I'm always super busy and I don't sleep as much I should. Maybe that's why I know not sleeping is definitely not good for you. You're much more productive if you sleep enough. Trust me, not sleeping enough is not going to help you at all.

Question of the Day

Which are your college/high school/school/whatever essentials?

Note. I also decided to use this post to make a little experiment. My camera is very old and heavy and takes A LOT of space so I don't know if I should take it to Belgium with me, so I did this whole post with my phone's camera because I wanted to see how I'd do next year without a camera.

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  1. The agenda is really cute :) Love this post.


  2. I colour code my calendar and agenda too! It looks so cute, so why not? ;) And it's so cool how you use green for good luck, I should start doing that too!

    Every Day In Grace

    1. I once used yellow by accident (which is the color of bad luck) and failed that test haha so I don't take any risks any more... xx

  3. Such a helpful post, I'm going to start colour organizing my agenda too x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter | Liz Earle Giveaway!

  4. Love your Blog. I really like it and your Topics are great.
    love the design :)

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    If Yes, comment on my Blog so I can see that you followed and I will follow you right back :)

    Lots of Love, Dilan from http://dilanergul.blogspot.co.at/

  5. I love that agenda, it's so cute! I need to get myself one to get more organised, I'll have to find one as cute as the one in the picture!

  6. This post is so lovely and it makes me feel sad that I'm not at school or university anymore! I want to go and buy new stationery and get all excited about a fresh start!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    1. Oh I'd just buy the stationary anyway and get excited about hot nights coming to an end :) xx

  7. Your post has been featured in my August Favorite Blog Posts here
    August Favorite Blog Posts
    Lots of love ♥

    Roze @ Its Rozee

  8. I always disliked school but I ALWAYS loved getting new stationary! I love the look and feel of new paper
    Allison from www.mercuteify.com

  9. Loveeeeee! I totally agree with all of this. I think my biggest must have is a big bag to put my stuff in :D I also love your agenda! I wonder if I can find something like that where I live :)
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow


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