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11 July 2014

Life update

As you may or may have not noticed, I was absent last week. Well, there's a very good reason reason for that, and that is... I'M MOVING TO BELGIUM! So last week I decided to travel there to start looking for housing and see the place.
Como puede que os dieseis cuenta o no, la semana pasada estuve un poco ausente. Bueno, pues hay un buen motivo para eso, y es que... ¡ME MUDO A BÉLGICA! Así que la semana pasada viajé allí para empezar a buscar alojamiento y conocer el sitio.

Ok, so it's only for a year but I'm very very excited!!!! I got an erasmus scholarship and I'll be studying abroad the whole year next year. As you may have guessed, my first choice was obviously the USA, but I didn't get in. So... Belgium it is!
Vale, es solo un año, pero me hace muchísima ilusión. Me voy con una beca erasmus y estaré fuera todo el año. Como puede que hayáis adivinado, mi primera opción era USA, pero no me lo dieron, así que... a Bélgica se ha dicho.

The truth is, the town is a bit small (hey! I'm a big city girl) but it's so pretty and... oh dear! Let's not mention the chocolate.
La verdad es que la ciudad es muy chiquitita (¿Qué se le va a hacer? Soy una chica de ciudad...) pero es bastante bonita y... ¡Dioses del Olimpo! ¡No hablemos del chocolate!

This is Leuven (that's where I'll be studying):
Esto es Leuven (Lovaina) (donde estaré estudiando):

And since I was already in Belgium, I visited Brussels too.
Y ya que estaba en Bélgica, aproveché para visitar también Bruselas.

I just can't wait! I'm so so excited I just can't think of anything else. I've known since like February but I wanted to wait until it was 100% official, and I guess it is now! Yay!
No puedo esperar. Tengo tantísimas ganas que no puedo pensar en nada más. Lo sé como desde febrero, peor quería esperar a que fuese 100% oficial y supongo que ya lo es. ¡Wee!

Also... second life update: I got an internship for the summer (which is exciting and scary and I don't know... A lot of feelings mixed up) so be expecting to see some posts related to that ;)

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  1. OMG Be! That's amazing, congratulations! I'm sure everything will be fine and you'll have a lot of fun, Belgium really looks amazing. Unless my brother moves to England I'll be only travelling 3 years from now which is when I finish my course, I want to visit some countries to decide where I want to move, get to know the people, the culture to make a decision after. :)

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

  2. Wow! That's amazing! Congrats on getting the scholarship. (= Belgium looks like a very sophisticated place. I hope you'll have a blast. Don't forget to keep us up with your latest sightseeings haha.
    Hmm, for the question of the day, I don't really have any big news, haha. But I got on the Journalism Team for the School Paper which is pretty exciting haha. (=
    Btw, good luck on the internship!
    xx kyle
    itsksquared.blogspot.com | kim&kyle

    1. THanks a lot. I will try to! Congrats on getting in the team!! xx

  3. Congrats! What an amazing opportunity, I'm so happy for you! :)


  4. Congratulations on your scholarship! Sounds liked you have lots of amazing experiences and opportunities to look forward to :)

    x ♥ Sophie | So Bright & Beautiful

  5. I'm so excited for you to move so we can be pen pals! I know how long it took you to finally get to study abroad - so I hope you enjoy it and find the perfect place to live x


  6. Wow! That is amazing. The place is gorgeous I wish I would have been able to study abroad when I was younger

    Socially Awkward Fashionista


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