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01 March 2015

Five pictures from my childhood

Ever since I came to Belgium, I've suffered blogger's block. I guess because I've kept myself really busy and didn't have a lot of time to work on blog posts, or think for ideas. 

I decided to google some post ideas and this was something I found and really liked, so let's travel a tiny bit in time to my childhood.

This is a photo of my sister and me holding our cousins. I'm the oldest one, the one with the headband. I love my cousins to pieces and I simply cannot believe those babies are now 14 and 15 year olds. I'm 6 years older than my oldest cousin, so I guess I was about 7 years old in this picture, my sister was about 4, and my cousins where 1 and a few months old.

This is a picture of me impersonating my grandfather. I was 5 months old when the photo was taken. He used to snore a lot, so I was trying to imitate what he did.

This a picture of me, my sister, and my neighbors one Christmas. I found this picture a about two years ago. I'd never seen it so I took it to my mother and asked her the story behind the photo. In the photo, I'm the one with the orange hat. As I mentioned a few times, in Spain, the gifts are not delivered my Santa Claus but by the Three Wise Men. You can see one of them in this photo. I was desperate to find an old photo of me on Christmas this last holidays, which seemed like an impossible mission. I'm glad I at least have this one. I love how fashionable we look eating cotton candy.

I think this picture was taken at my sister's christening party when I was 3 years old. I like this picture because you can see what I looked like pretty well. There's not a very interesting story behind it, but I like it.

Question of the day

What is your favorite memory from your childhood?

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  1. Aww you were an adorable child! I always love looking back at old photos, makes me feel so nostalgic :)


  2. Aw such cute pictures! Lovely post :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  3. adorable! that last picture - reminds me of my childhood too, my mum used to cut my hair exactly like that haha x


  4. awww, cutey you!!!! I love searching through old memories and compare me in then and now ><



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