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28 February 2016

10 places I'd rather be

I love traveling. If I had the money, I would spend my life traveling. I feel like the world is so big and there are so many beautiful places to visit... I just want to see as many of them as possible. So if I could go anywhere right now, these are some places I'd rather be.

I actually saw this post in Hayley Olson blog and I immediately knew I had to write one for my blog too.

1. Buenos Aires. I have wanted to visit Buenos Aires since I was like 12 years old, so it has been a while now. I have spent so many hours watching tv shows based on Buenos Aires that I cannot wait to visit it for myself one day.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle. This is the castle that inspired The Sleeping Beauty castle. I think it's absolutely beautiful, and I would definitely feel like I was in my own fairy tale if I was there.

3. New York. I cannot get enough of this city. I just feel so good when I'm there. I am completely fascinated by it. I really hope that one day I can go there and not have to come back.

4. Vienna. This city always seemed so pretty and charming to me. It's another city I have been wanting to visit for a while.

5. Rome. I have been to Italy, but not to Rome. I'm the only one in my family who hasn't visited it and I just can't wait to! (Also, the Lizzie McGuire movie is to blame a tiny bit).

6. Greece. Any place in Greece. I have visited Greece in the past too, but that was years ago. I love Greek culture, and food, and people... And their islands are gorgeous. Such a beautiful country!

7. Vancouver. Vancouver seems pretty much like the perfect city for me. I can't stop googling pictures of it and I just find it so stunning. I mean, look at that skyline!

8. Lapland. I love winter, and I love Christmas, so I would love to visit this place. I want the snow, and the reindeer and maybe even Santa!

9. San Francisco. For some reason, it seems like such a cozy city. All the cute colorful houses!

10. Sydney. I find Australia so appealing, maybe because it's the farthest from here. Oh! And I don't want to die before I see a koala bear and a kangaroo.

Question of the Day

Where would you rather be?

¡Me encanta viajar! Si tuviese el dinero suficiente, me pasaría la vita viajando. Me parece que el mundo es tan grande y hay tantos lugares tan bonitos que visitar... Me gustaría visitar tantos como pueda. Si puede ir a cualquier sitio ahora mismo, estos son algunos de los sitios en los que preferiría estar.

En realidad la idea de este post lo saqué del blog de Hayley Olson. Me ecantó la idea así que no pude resistirme a escribir un post así.

1. Buenos Aires. Llevo queriendo visitar Buenos Aires desde que tenía como 12 años, así que hace bastante ya. He pasado demasiadas horas viendo series Argentinas que pasaban en Buenos Aires así que me muero de ganas de poder ver todo en persona.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle. Es el castillo que inspiró el de Cenicienta de Disney. Me parece completamente precioso. Creo que me sentiría como si estuviese dentro de un cuento.

3. Nueva York. Ninguna cantidad de tiempo en esta ciudad es suficiente. Me siento super bien cuando estoy allí. ¡Me encanta! Sueño con el día en el que pueda ir sin tener que volver.

4. Viena. Otra ciudad que me parece preciosa y mágica. Y otra de las ciudades que llevo tiempo queriendo visitar.

5. Roma. He estado en Italia, pero no en Roma. De hecho, soy la única de mi familia que no ha estado en Roma. ¡Y no puedo esperar! Puede que las miles de veces que vi la película de Lizzie McGuire de pequeña hayan influído algo.

6. Grecia. Cualquier sitio de Grecia. Visité Grecia una vez hace años, pero ya ha pasado mucho tiempo. Me encanta todo de Grecia. La cultura, lo comida, la gente... Y sus islas son impresionantes. ¡Es un país precioso!

7. Vancouver. Vancouver me parece como la ciudad perfecta. No puedo dejar de buscar imágenes en google. Pero es que... ¡Mira esas vistas!

8. Laponia. Me encanta el invierno y la Navidad, así que me encantaría visitar esta ciudad. Quiero la nieve, los renos... ¡y ver a Papá Noel!

9. San Francisco. Por alguna razón me parece super cuqui. ¡Y todas las casas de colorines!

10. Sydney. Austraia me llama un montón. Puede que sea porque está en el extremo opuesto de España. No puedo morirme hasta que haya visto un koala y un canguro.

Pregunta del día

¿Tú dónde preferirías estar?

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  1. Oh I absolutely agree with you on the travelling thing. Wish I could travel somewhere right now too!! And you should definitely visit Vienna, it's such an incredible city <3

    Love, Kerstin

  2. Greece looks so beautiful & it has been one of my dream destinations for a while now. Right now I'd love to be in London, which is a city I absolutely love or in L.A. where I have never been before but definitely want to visit one day :) x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. It is so beautiful! Those are great destinations!

  3. Number 3 would currently work really well with my mood. All photos look really, really tempting but NYC is my summer destination :)
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    1. New York is my favorite place in the world!

  4. Omg! How did I not know about Neuschwanstein Castle?! It looks gorgeous! I'm desperate to go to NYC, so I'd 'rather be' there :) x

    Christina Marie - xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know! It's so gorgeous! Let's go to NYC together!

  5. Santorini and north countries norway, sweden finland that's my dream

  6. Sii veni a Buenos Aires! jaja, me encantaron todos los lugares. En especial Nueva York (siempre sueño de ser periodista ahi), Grecia y Roma. La pelicula de Lizzie McGuire hace imposible que no quieras estar ahi!


    1. Ojalá algún día pueda! Ay! Ojalá consigas ser periodista en Nueva York. Y si lo consigues... ¿me puedo mudar contigo?

  7. Greece is a place i've always wanted to go! Right now Fiji is at the top of my travel list!!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  8. Such a great list! I've been to a few of these and can tell you, they're all incredible! Lapland at Christmas is definitely be on my list too :)

    1. Oh you're so lucky then! I'd love to visit Lapland at Christmas!

  9. I'm currently sitting on the floor of my bedroom so I would rather be at any of these places than where I am now! That castle looks phenomenal as well, it really is like something from a fairytale.


  10. Such lovely places - New York and San Francisco are both on my list! So expensive though so saving, saving, saving!!

    John ¦ Shout John

    1. I know. Why is travelling so expensive?

      ps. You're the first boy to ever leave a comment on my blog. Thanks!! This is so exciting!

  11. All these places are amazing! I so wanted to go to Buenos Aires because Rebelde Way, duh! Haha, I swear I was obsessed with that show. And Rome is must see for me, one day I am going to go there. Here is my list:
    1.Buenos Aires (we can go together, haha)
    4.New York

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. We've got some places in common! I would love to go to Paris too! And let's go to Buenos Aires together!

  12. Oh my god I didn't actually know castles existed like this :O It's beautiful, I really want to go to NY and Barcelona, also many different places in Italy.

    Meme xx

    New Post:
    What's On Your Nightstand?

  13. All of these places sound amazing, San Francisco is one of my favourite places in this world. :) I really want to visit Canada (Vancouver & Toronto), Santorini, Mauritius, Dubai and the Galapagos Islands. :) xx


  14. Today I think I'd rather be in Paris...tomorrow possibly the greek isles...the next day Brazil! I really need to start traveling more!! So many great places to see!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  15. New York is the best but it's my hometown so I'm partial, lol. I would love to visit San Francisco. Greece looks lovely!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Big thumbs up for this post, I have just updated my must-visit list, haha! I also really like your blog, it gives me such a good vibe. :)
    Check out my blog - Les temps du joy and have a lovely daay! xx

  18. I have wanted to go to San Francisco ever since I watched The Princess Diaries!!

    www.thesweetsevenfive.com xxx


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