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18 September 2016

Green smoothie freezer packs

I am trying to be a bit healthier lately - pretty much to make up for all those ice creams I couldn't say no to in the summer  - but sometimes it's just too hard since healthy food is not always that tasty or easy to prepare. And considering how little time I've been having, it's not always my go-to option. However, these smoothies have been my life savers.

11 September 2016

Travel Diaries: Venice

This summer I was lucky enough to make a few trips around Europe, and one of them was to Venice. I love Venice. It's a beautiful city, and it just has a special charm. And it has pizza!  We were extra lucky and had the best weather possible, which made me enjoy my trip even more. When I travel, I love to share the photos on my blog, so here we go!

04 September 2016

Life Update

Hello! I know I have been a bit absent from the whole blogging world lately, but there is a reason for that... As usual, Univeristy came in the way and I decided to focus on my last exams and my dissertation. And it was all worth it because I'm a graduate now!

10 July 2016

Ban.do Agenda Review

I am an absolute planner hoarder. I love agendas. I buy at least one every year and sometimes even get a new one halfway through the year. Last year, I got three different agendas and attempted to create a bullet journal. I always got myself an agenda for next year and I love it so I wanted to show you!

05 June 2016

Building better sleep habits

My sleep routine has been a huge mess this year and I've been really struggling to fall asleep. Some days I would sleep like 4 hours, the next I would sleep 12. One day I would get up at 7am and the next one at 12pm. As a result, I was always tired and could never fall asleep or wake up when I had to, so I figured I had to make some changes in my routine in order to build better sleep habits. 

29 May 2016

Central Perks

Before any of you tell me it's Central Perk, with no s, let me tell you I'm actually writing about Central Perks, a cafe in Toledo (Spain) that recreates Friends cafe Central Perk. I don't think anyone will be surprised if I say I love the show Friends. In fact, I think it's the best TV show ever made. So when I found out there was a cafe like this in Spain, I knew I had to go! And I finally did!

08 May 2016

Make the most of your library days

Exam season is about to start... again and with it come the long days at the library. Last year I became an expert on this, so I thought I should share some of the things I learnt.