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23 February 2014

DIY Custom phone cases


It has been a while since my last post, but I'm back! University is taking like 110% of my time, which is why I can never write blog posts, but I decided to find a little time to write one.
Hacía mucho que no escribía aquí, pero ¡he vuelto! La universidad se lleva como el 110% de mi tiempo, por eso nunca tengo tiempo para escribir en el blog, pero he decidido que tenía que sacar un huequito de donde sea para escribir uno.

Some time ago, this Spanish pizza place launched a promotion were they gave you a custom phone case. So I started thinking on what to print on mine, and there were so many things I wanted to print that I couldn't make my mind up. So I thought of this DIY and I finally had time to do it so I wanted to share it with you!
Hace tiempo, una pizzería sacó una oferta con la que te daban una funda personalizada. Así que estuve pensando en que imprimir en la mía, y había demasiadas cosas que quería así que no me he conseguido decidir aun. Así que pensé en este tutrial y por fin he tenido tiempo para hacerlo hoy y quería compartirlo con vosotros.

All you need is:
Sólo se necesita:
  • A clear case
    Una funda transparente
  • Scissors
  • An x-acto knife
    Un cuter
  • A mechanical pencil
    Un portaminas
  • Scrapbook paper / a photo / a printed pattern ... whatever you want in your case.
    Papel para scrapbook / una foto / un diseño impreso... yo que queráis en vuestra funda.
We're gonna start off by placing our paper  with the pattern on onto a table and our phone on top and using the mechanical pencil, we'll trace the border. Then, cut your design out.
Empezaremos por colocar el papel encima de la mesa y nuestro móvil encima. Con el portaminas, dibujaremos el contorno del movil. Luego, recórtalo.

Now, insert the piece you've just cut into your clear case and insert your phone. We now need to cut the camera hole. Using the mechanical pencil, trace the shape of the gap. Take out the phone and the piece of paper and cut the shape you just traced with the x-acto knife.
Ahora, necesitaremos recortar el agujerito de la cámara. Mete el papel que has cortado en la funda y pónsela al móvil. Con el cortaminas, marca el contorno del hueco de la cámara. Saca el móvil y el papel y recorta el hueco con el cuter.

You can now insert the paper again and.... voila! You have your own custom case! You can also create your own designs on photoshop and print them like I did.
Ahora vuelve a meter el papel y... ¡Ya tienes tu funda personalizada! También puedes crear tus propios diseños en photoshop e imprimirlos como hice yo.

Oh! And here's a completely random photo of me to finish the post...

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  1. They turned out so well! I must try make one x


  2. OMG, such a great idea! Can't believe I haven't thought of this before!
    Well done, these are fabulous :)

    Alice x

    1. thanks a lot! I'm so happy you like it :) xx

  3. They look so awesome! You do such amazing things, I wish I had the talent too.
    I would like to ask your opinion on something, I'm with a big dilemma about the language I should post on my blog, what made you want to write in both languages?

    1. awww thank you so much. But I'm not very talented, I'm sure you could make way cuter things! :D

      I decided to write in both languages because... if you can speak 2 languages, why only use 1? I wanted to write in English so I could get to more people, but also in Spanish cause some people I know don't speak very good English and I wanted them to be able to read my blog too. Also, because I can make it easier to read to other Spanish-speaker languages. So... I don't know, I don't regret deciding to write in both languages and I totally encourage you to do it too :)

      I hope this helped you. Sorry if I wrote too much. Have a nice day!!! :) xx

    2. It really helped, I think the same way as you do and also one more thing if we can talk both we can also translate better than google translater so why not? :b You and your blog were a great inspiration for me and I made a post about the blogs who inspired me and you're there :) so if you wanna see it it's here http://thebadbutsweetgirl.blogspot.pt/2014/03/the-blogs-that-inspired-me.html :)
      Thank you so much sweetie <3

  4. thats amazing!! is it working for all phone cases?

    1. I only tried for mine but I don't see why it wouldn't for other :)

      xx, Be

  5. I am now so tempted to do this! x



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